Vampblade: Season Three #1

Lest there be any doubt in any perusing bibliophile’s mind that this title is for seriously “mature readers only”, Jason Martin’s script for Issue One of “Vampblade” opens up with his titular character firing off a quartet of ‘f-bombs’ before “Down The Vamp Hole” has even started, and disconcertingly doesn’t have Katie Carva stop spouting expletives until the “other-dimensional vampire” slayer has...[Read More]

Danger Doll Squad #0

Adults Only is what i think they were going for but this is aimed at the teen boys that have a free hand. This cover pretty much tells you what you’re in for when you look inside, over sexualised women that can only fight by bending over or licking their lips, ”boobies are fun, lets draw lots of them” is what i can only image were the words spoken when pitching this tent…. ...[Read More]

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