The Immortal Men

The Immortal Men #6

Supposedly planned “to go to at least twelve issues and have a mega-crossover” James Tynion IV’s narrative for this sixth (and final) instalment of “The Immortal Men” sadly must have come as a bitter disappointment to its remaining 15,341 followers in September 2018, with its numerous unanswered plot threads and somewhat rushed production values. In fact, even the comic’s ending, which finishes wi...[Read More]

The Immortal Men #5 – DC Comics

Printed just as co-creator James Tynion IV rather unsympathetically announced the series’ cancellation at the San Diego Comic-Con due to his “bigger books” potentially delaying it and him not wanting “to bring in another writer”, this perceptibly lack-lustre twenty-page periodical must have struck many in its demoralised audience as simply being printed so as to ‘set them up’ for the final instalm...[Read More]

The Immortal Men #4

Pleasingly providing a look at a time “before common tongues and calendars, when Man was new, and the world was still taking shape”, this fourth instalment to James Tynion IV’s “The End Of Forever” storyline finally gave its readers an explanation as to just how the Immortal Man and Infinite Woman gained their super-powers 50,000 years ago. But whilst this exposition concerning the cave-dwelling B...[Read More]

The Immortal Men #3

Many of this publication’s audience probably strongly related to Caden Park’s predicament when he awakes at the start of this comic from what the teenager clearly hoped had been a fevered nightmare in which he’d seen his murdered parents transformed into multi-fanged bestial killers. For whilst James Tynion IV’s script undeniably contains plenty of exposition concerning its plethora of cast member...[Read More]

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