Justice League

Superman #1

Proudly proclaimed by “DC Comics” as “a bold new chapter for the greatest superhero of all time”, yet disconcertingly only the fifth best-selling comic book in July 2018 according to “Diamond Comic Distributors”, Issue One of “Superman” must have disappointed many of its 133,703 fans with its tantalisingly fleeting glimpses of Clark Kent’s alter-ego battling prehistoric monsters and giant astronau...[Read More]

Man Of Steel #6

Whilst Brian Michael Bendis may well have truly believed that his narrative for this mini-series’ “slow-burn mystery of what happened to Lois and Jon” was “very enticing… very exciting”, it is arguably problematic to envisage the majority of the weekly’s audience feeling the same way considering just how many questions the five-time Eisner Award-winner’s script for Issue Six of “Man Of Steel” disc...[Read More]

Man Of Steel #5

Considering that this penultimate instalment to the American author’s “Man Of Steel” mini-series both shows Superman to be almost nonchalantly bested by his new nemesis and then disconcertingly left alive on the Moon despite the “religious zealot” making it abundantly clear that he wants to eradicate all Kryptonians, it is difficult to imagine that many within this twenty-three page periodical’s 6...[Read More]

An Official Website to Support The Zack Snyder Cut of Justice League is Here!

Yes, it’s true. Fans of DCFU and Zack Snyder were really pissed from the moment Justice League hit the theatres. While some of them liked it, the critics and many fans claimed that this was a forced Joss Wheadon cut. Joss was brought in to complete Justice League when Zack stepped down from the film to handle family loss. Joss in every interview said that he will make sure that Justice Leagu...[Read More]

‘Victory’ for Zack Snyder’s Cut Petition – A False Alarm.

Well, if it wasn’t enough that media outlets and websites were torturing fans with their false news and clickbait articles, I’ve got another contestant for you. The petition by Roberto Mata to release a Zack Snyder cut of Justice League on Change.org gave a notification to the fans this morning who were following it and signed it stating – “Victory!”  The fans and sup...[Read More]

Justice League’s Rotten Tomatoes Score Goes Up

With the release of Justice League everybody was hoping that the success of Wonder Woman would be repeated this time too. Both critically and commercially. But much to fans despair, within the first weekend it was proved otherwise. With a low Rotten Tomatoes’ score of a mere 37% and just $97 M at the Domestic Box Office, everybody thought that this may even force the Warner Brothers to reboo...[Read More]


Batfleck, Flashpoint and the DC Films Timeline

In the past few months news about Affleck leaving the DC Film Universe have reappeared again and again. At SDCC Affleck gave a decisive answer to everybody stating that he will not leave the DCEU and is lucky to be working with Matt Reeves. But the rumours didn’t stop. And they resurfaced with more force again when Ben sounded uncertain about his future as Batman. Also, there is no word from...[Read More]

Green Arrow #31

The Hard-Traveling Hero finds himself in one of his more complicated of situations, but always seems to still find a way out.  One thing I want to note about this recent run of GA is that I really enjoy the art.  Its broad, it’s colorful, and it’s big, if that makes sense.  It’s off-set from the other more darker toned DC comics, but I think it gives it it’s own life. We co...[Read More]

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