Iron Man

Avengers #6

It must arguably have been hard for the majority of this publication’s 58,925 readers to work out just how Jason Aaron’s script for “Planet Of Pathogens” somehow managed to make this particular book the nineteenth-besting selling comic in August 2018. For whilst the Alabama-born author’s action-packed and undeniably pulse-pounding storyline ultimately brings to an end the super-group’s “final batt...[Read More]

Avengers #5

Sticking to its reasonably straightforward revelation as to “the startling secret of the Progenitor”, Jason Aaron’s script for Issue Five of “Avengers” must have provided many within its 55,850 strong audience with a thoroughly enjoyable reading experience, which not only parades the increasingly irritating Loki trussed up like a chicken inside the trunk of Ghost Rider’s modified 1969 Dodge Charge...[Read More]

Avengers #4

Despite “Marvel Worldwide” clearly hoping this comic’s 61,897 readers would focus upon its pre-publication question as to just how the Avengers could “possibly defeat a crew of 2,000-foot-tall, nearly omnipotent Dark Celestials bent on annihilating the human race”, it’s entirely possible many within this twenty-page periodical’s audience were actually more occupied trying to make sense of Jason Aa...[Read More]

The Immortal Hulk #7

Absolutely crammed full of some of the Green Goliath’s hardest punches ever depicted, at least as far as the God of Thunder is concerned, Al Ewing’s script for Issue Seven of “The Immortal Hulk” contains a truly astounding fist-fight between its titular character and the Earth’s Mightiest Heroes which must surely have mesmerised many of this comic’s audience in October 2018. In fact, it is debatab...[Read More]

Avengers #3

Pausing only to provide its audience with incontrovertible proof as to what a “full-power jerk” Tony Stark is, Jason Aaron’s treatment for “Where Space Gods Go To Die” pretty much picks up with precisely the same pulse-pounding pace as its preceding publication by presenting a series of dramatic action-packed sequences involving She-Hulk, Ghost Rider, Doctor Strange and the Black Panther. In fact,...[Read More]

Avengers #2

Shifting 66,646 copies in May 2018, “Still Avenging After All These Years” arguably doesn’t let its audience pause for breath until its final shell-shocker of a concluding cliff-hanger which reveals that Loki, “the greatest Avenger who ever lived”, has been aiding the Final Host of Dark Celestials in their bid to “correct the grievous mistake they made one million years ago.” True, Jason Aaron’s s...[Read More]

Avengers #1

Printed as part of “Marvel Comics” “revamping [of] its entire publishing line in 2018”, this Jason Aaron reboot sold an impressive 131,450 copies upon its release and certainly seemed to deliver on the Alabama-born writer’s double promise of it featuring “the biggest characters” and going “to the coolest, most exotic locations around the Marvel Universe.” Indeed, it’s arguably hard to think of a b...[Read More]


Iron Man #255

Considering that “Switching Channels” manages to include the fascinating first appearances of both the “mentally unstable” Freak Quincy, who is inexplicably able to receive “all radio, television, and other transmissions directly into his head at all times”, as well as Colonel-General Valentin Shatalov as the second Crimson Dynamo, this twenty-two page periodical is perhaps understandably a rather...[Read More]

Iron Man #213

“Featuring the all new Dominic Fortune”, Danny Fingeroth’s narrative for Issue Two Hundred And Thirteen of “Iron Man” arguably reads more like one of Ross Macdonald’s Golden Age detective novels than a super-hero comic book, with Jerry Fortunov prolifically pounding away at the men behind his legendary father’s death and Tony Stark’s alter-ego, for the most part at least, simply idly watching the ...[Read More]

The Amazing Spider-Man (2015) #29

Promising a scintillating confrontation between the titular character and “our favourite eight-tentacled Spider-Foe” as part of editor Nick Lowe’s “Secret Empire tie-in arc”, Issue Twenty Nine of “Amazing Spider-Man” certainly suggests that “the Marvel Universe is [indeed] in deep doo-doo at the hands of a Cosmic Cube-changed Steve Rogers” with its entirely successful infiltration of Parker Indust...[Read More]

Iron Man #208

Arguably providing more of a sharp critique as to the illogical bureaucracy of the American State Department than an actual super-hero story, Denny O’Neil’s script for “Firefang!” still delivers plenty of punch with its enthralling mix of West German/South American political intrigue, Tony Stark’s guilt-laden quest for vindication and Advanced Idea Mechanics’ nuclear potential to cause “the death ...[Read More]

Did Tony Create an Infinity Gem in Iron Man 2?

So here I am again debunking a fanfiction. Apparently, since the trailer of Infinity War has been released a scene has left many fans asking questions. And we know more questions means more fan theories. I don’t debunk fan theories generally because it’s their right to do. But the one I am going to discuss here has left the stages of being a mere fan-fic anymore. The theory suggesting ...[Read More]

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