DemiGod #1

Half God, full Douche. If you like your protagonists as unlikeable as possible then this is the book for you, as a bonus the nice people at IDW will throw in how NOT to portray women with them being either victimised or sexualised. From the cover I had high hopes… I had hopes… ok I gave it a go. However from page one we’re introduced to an egomaniacal, sexist lug-head that insists on s...[Read More]

Sonic the Hedgehog #2

When Sonic runs into his friend Amy, he continues to battle against the Badniks enemies. I wasn’t overly excited when I initially saw what the cover for issue two looked like. Similarly to the cover of part 1, Sonic holds up the same amount of fingers as the issue number. I gave the first part a positive score, however, I was expecting the same experience with this one which would have been ...[Read More]

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