The Immortal Hulk #8

Any Marvelites with a queasy stomach who happened to peruse Al Ewing’s gruesome opening to Issue Eight of “The Immortal Hulk” were probably feeling nauseous within the comic’s first few panels due to its narrative macabrely exploring the dissection of the Green Goliath’s heart straight “through the interventricular septum” with an adamantium scalpel. But for those unsettled “Hulk-Heads”...[Read More]

The Immortal Hulk #7

Absolutely crammed full of some of the Green Goliath’s hardest punches ever depicted, at least as far as the God of Thunder is concerned, Al Ewing’s script for Issue Seven of “The Immortal Hulk” contains a truly astounding fist-fight between its titular character and the Earth’s Mightiest Heroes which must surely have mesmerised many of this comic’s audience in October 2018. In fact, it is debatab...[Read More]

The Immortal Hulk #6

Despite “Marvel Worldwide” stating at its time of printing that this twenty-page periodical supposedly sported the start of “The Green Door” storyline, it is difficult to believe many readers of “The Immortal Hulk” were particularly enamoured with Al Ewing’s lack-lustre visit behind the walls of “the mysterious Shadow Base”. Indeed, with the exception of a conscientious monitor who is ordered to h...[Read More]


The Immortal Hulk #5

“Guest-starring Alpha Flight’s Sasquatch”, as well as featuring a few touching paragraphs detailing the recently deceased Steve Ditko’s contribution as “one of the original architects of the Hulk” in its “Gamma-Grams” Letters Page, this twenty-page periodical undoubtedly delivered upon its pre-publication promise of depicting its titular character being involved “in a brutal, bloody battle with th...[Read More]

The Immortal Hulk #4

Focusing far more upon the shenanigans of the slightly too-smug Walter Langkowski as opposed to this comic’s titular character, or even the green-skinned Goliath’s “puny” alter-ego, Al Ewing’s narrative for “Time Of Death” nonetheless still provided its audience with plenty of intriguing exposition as to Banner’s Pennsylvania State University college days using the “lab facilities Desert State did...[Read More]

The Immortal Hulk #3

Apparently “inspired in part by an episode of the Italian strip Il Commissario Spada which involved the titular policeman chasing a purse-snatcher and asking various witnesses about him,” Al Ewing’s script to Issue Three of “The Immortal Hulk” probably seemed like a clever(ish) idea on paper, especially as its execution would mean editors Tom Brevoort and Wil Moss inviting a handful of artists in ...[Read More]

The Immortal Hulk #2

Al Ewing’s script to Issue Two of “The Immortal Hulk” definitely demonstrates just how hard the author was “pushing for a horror take” on the Green Goliath in July 2018, with it’s subtle avoidance of the titular character’s obligatory “mass destruction” and fascinating focus upon “his shadowy nature” instead. Indeed, the British writer’s decision “to reset the tone” of the series “to the very star...[Read More]

The Immortal Hulk #1

Supposedly spinning out of the sixteen-issue long “Avengers: No Surrender” story-line, at least according to its author Al Ewing, this first instalment of a “new ongoing series… which launches this June as part of Marvel Comics Fresh Start initiative” certainly seems to have lived up to its pre-publication promise that none of the title’s 84,153-strong audience needed “to have read No Surren...[Read More]

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