H.M.H. Churchill

Uber: Invasion #16

Viewed by creator Kieron Gillen as the end of his “Mother Russia” arc, or rather “What To Do About A Problem Like Maria?”, this decidedly different “take on The Sound Of Music” almost exclusively focuses upon Katyusha’s miraculous resurrection following her previously depicted death during “a chance attack from a flank”, and the sweet mad thing’s subsequent unsurprisingly merciless revenge upon th...[Read More]

Uber: Invasion #15

Considering the sheer number of major ‘chess pieces’ which seemingly fall within this twenty-two page periodical the vast majority of its readers must have wondered by its end in just which direction creator Kieron Gillen was going to take his “alternate World War II” title next. In fact, with the sole exception of H.M.H. Churchill, who literally tears Battleship Zero to pulpy pieces courtesy of h...[Read More]

Uber: Invasion #14

Starting with one of artist Daniel Gete’s most sickeningly ghastly images imaginable, as Battleship Zero triumphantly sits atop a devastated Russian Tank tearing its driver’s head from his blood-drenched corpse with the super-powered beast’s malformed jaws, Kieron Gillen’s script for Issue Fourteen of “Uber: Invasion” must have struck its audience as being designed to both race through the title’s...[Read More]

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