Doctor Strange

Avengers #6

It must arguably have been hard for the majority of this publication’s 58,925 readers to work out just how Jason Aaron’s script for “Planet Of Pathogens” somehow managed to make this particular book the nineteenth-besting selling comic in August 2018. For whilst the Alabama-born author’s action-packed and undeniably pulse-pounding storyline ultimately brings to an end the super-group’s “final batt...[Read More]

Avengers #5

Sticking to its reasonably straightforward revelation as to “the startling secret of the Progenitor”, Jason Aaron’s script for Issue Five of “Avengers” must have provided many within its 55,850 strong audience with a thoroughly enjoyable reading experience, which not only parades the increasingly irritating Loki trussed up like a chicken inside the trunk of Ghost Rider’s modified 1969 Dodge Charge...[Read More]

Avengers #4

Despite “Marvel Worldwide” clearly hoping this comic’s 61,897 readers would focus upon its pre-publication question as to just how the Avengers could “possibly defeat a crew of 2,000-foot-tall, nearly omnipotent Dark Celestials bent on annihilating the human race”, it’s entirely possible many within this twenty-page periodical’s audience were actually more occupied trying to make sense of Jason Aa...[Read More]

Doctor Strange #382

There’s debatably a palpable sadness emanating from Donny Cates’ script for this second instalment to his “Loki: Sorcerer Supreme” storyline which must surely have disconcerted some within the publication’s 24,286 strong audience in December 2017. But whilst the demise of the wonderfully lovable Bats towards the end of this twenty-page periodical is undoubtedly something of a true tear-jerker, thi...[Read More]


Doctor Strange #381

Whilst Donny Cates’ narrative for this opening instalment to “Loki: Sorcerer Supreme” makes it very clear straight from the start that this comic’s “new magical landscape” is going to be decidedly different from that which has gone before, its contents must still have caught many of this book’s 47,942 readers off-guard by landing them straight smack in the aftermath of Stephen Strange’s replacemen...[Read More]

Doctor Strange #26

Devotees of Gary Gygax and Dave Arneson’s fantasy tabletop role-playing game “Dungeons & Dragons” doubtless had plenty to enjoy with John Barber’s marvellously claustrophobic narrative for Issue Twenty-Six of “Doctor Strange”, with both the titular character and Zelma Stanton making “what may well be their last house-call” deep inside the long abandoned 76th Street subway station and subsequen...[Read More]

Doctor Strange #25

Having read Issue Twenty Five of “Doctor Strange” it’s likely that a portion of this “extra-sized” thirty-page periodical’s 29,526 strong fan-base earnestly started scrutinising their collections so as to locate the edition within which this book’s main antagonist, the mysteriously named “Haunted Girl”, made her first appearance. Yet whilst John Barber’s flashback storyline to a time when the Sorc...[Read More]

Doctor Strange #24

As cataclysmic confrontations between Karl Amadeus Mordo and this comic’s titular character go, Dennis Hopeless’ script for Issue Twenty Four of “Doctor Strange” must have pleased the vast majority of its 28,992 strong audience, with its excellent blend of heart-pumping shenanigans, multi-faceted strategies and dark incantations. Indeed, as conclusions to multi-part storylines go, the Missouri-bor...[Read More]

Doctor Strange #23

Featuring a fascinating phantasmagorical face-off between Benjamin Urich and Wilson Fisk due to the long-feuding antagonists inadvertently donning magical manifestations whilst thwarting Karl Mordo’s latest attempt to murder this comic’s titular character, Dennis Hopeless’ script for Issue Twenty Three of “Doctor Strange” certainly delivered plenty of pulse-pounding action to its 32,745 strong aud...[Read More]

Doctor Strange #22

Firmly focused upon the demonic events occurring within a truly terrifying “Darkforce bubble that envelops New York City”, Dennis Hopeless’ script for Issue Twenty Two of “Doctor Strange” must have somewhat surprised its 35,918 strong audience in June 2017 with its interestingly fresh look inside the financially biased world of Wilson Fisk. For whilst the “Secret Empire” tie-in certainly delivers ...[Read More]

Doctor Strange #21

Literally throwing its 32,142 followers head-first into the “Marvel Worldwide” 2017 multi-title comic book event “Secret Empire”, Dennis Hopeless’ script for Issue Twenty-One of “Doctor Strange” must have proved a truly pulse-pounding reading experience for those who already had some knowledge of the Cosmic Cube transforming “Captain America into the ultimate Hydra sleeper agent” and “some of Eart...[Read More]

Doctor Strange #20

“The last issue of Doctor Strange by mortals Chris Bachalo and Jason Aaron”, this over-sized thirty-page periodical firmly focuses itself upon the dangers of casting magic within the Marvel Universe, whilst simultaneously providing plenty of pulse-pounding perils for its 31,497-strong readership, courtesy of its leading cast inadvertently crash-landing “in the place where lost things go” and havin...[Read More]

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