Battleship Siegmund

Uber: Invasion #17

There’s debatably a perturbingly palpable aura of hurried haste to the penmanship of this twenty-two page periodical which must have unnerved many in its audience, and unhappily given them the impression that the ongoing series’ British creator was probably desperate to bring his depiction of “an alternate World War II in which the Third Reich develops powerful superhuman soldiers” to as quick an ...[Read More]

Uber: Invasion #13

Despite containing the highly anticipated rematch between Battleship Sieglinde and “the unclassified class of enhanced human, Maria Andreevna”, Kieron Gillen’s script for Issue Thirteen of “Uber: Invasion” must have struck the majority of its audience as an exceedingly choppy affair which promises much with its fleeting features focusing upon Stephanie, Werner Frei, G...[Read More]

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