Aliens: Dust To Dust #3

Only pausing mid-way through its narrative whilst the rapidly dwindling survivors of the Trono colony somewhat hard-heartedly decide whether to leave their youngest member behind before attempting to “follow the bank of the spillway right to the facility”, Gabriel Hardman’s sense-shattering screenplay for Issue Three of “Aliens: Dust To Dust” must have had the majority of the mini-series’ audience...[Read More]

E.I Earth Invasion #1

These Bugs plan on ruining more than just your picnic. It’s all out war as humans face off against the onslaught of an alien invasion, now almost a year later help arrives from an unluckily ally. A team of soilders come across a cluster of the insect aliens and manages to capture one that looks differant from the rest, once back at H.Q they discover the alien they captured is Very eager to tell th...[Read More]

Aliens: Dust To Dust #2

Firmly focusing upon Maxon’s perilous plight aboard a spaceship that fast becomes “a death trap from which escape seems impossible”, Gabriel Hardman’s treatment for Issue Two of “Aliens: Dust To Dust” certainly provides its readers with plenty of pulse-pounding action. Indeed, despite this particular instalment of the “Dark Horse Comics” mini-series only featuring a single xenomorph XX121, and an ...[Read More]

Aliens: Dust To Dust #1

If Gabriel Hardman’s intention was for Issue One of “Aliens: Dust To Dust” to try and recapture some of “the intensity and terror” of “James Cameron’s 1986 blockbuster [movie] Aliens”, then he undoubtedly succeeds, as a “12-year-old Maxon and his mom” fiercely fight off an infestation of xenomorphs which seems just as insanely terrifying as that faced by Newt and Ripley. In fact, the storybo...[Read More]


Ready Player One

Hello all, Brodie here, I am going to review the great Steven Speilbergs latest movie Ready Player One, based on the novel by Ernest Cline.   THE OASIS The opening of the movie is great, it shows the world and how VR has taken over reality to a certain degree, the hero Wade Watts, speaks about himself and the world and how people have the OASIS to go to, a place to escape reality, he also set...[Read More]

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