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Hey comic geeks. Today we are going to review Issue 1 of Wonder Woman rebirth.

A little back story, I’m not a comic reader. I’m more of a movie, and TV show guy. But, I’ve gotten into comics this year and last. So recently I was at my local comic book shop and I bought the first  22 issues of Wonder Woman Rebirth. I’m a really weird comic reader. I like to read comics when I have like the first 10 or 20 issues, I don’t like reading comics week to week. Anyway, so I read Wonder Woman Rebirth #1 and It was pretty good.

Wonder Woman Rebirth #1So Issue #1 is basically the back story of Wonder Woman. Usually I wouldn’t like this because I thought the issue was going to over explain Diana’s origin but it didn’t. This issue handled Diana’s back story perfectly. The artwork in this issue is also very good. The colors are beautifully mixed together. I  loved that Wonder Woman is very pure. The explanation  of Wonder Woman’s back story is also good. They mixed both of the origins of Wonder Woman together, like the clay origin and the demigod origin. I also loved the costume changes throughout the issue. She starts off with a gold, blue, and red costume, which looks really cool. It’s  like the new 52 suit but the bird breastplate is gold and the bird tail feather comes down more. Then on one page she’s wearing the new 52 suit and you see  Superman and Batman in the background and then near the end of the comic Diana is wearing the battle armor version of the Wonder Woman suit. My favorite panel in this issue is a full-page panel of Wonder Woman references. Diana says “No wonder the story keeps changing” and you see pre new 52 Batman and Superman. You see classic Wonder Woman and Cheetah, I loved that panel a lot. I was glad to see Wonder Woman with a cape, because I love Wonder Woman with a cape or a cloak. Wonder Woman in this issue is doubting herself and questioning the things she knows and has been told. I like this idea because it shows Diana is curious of what she knows and she’s wondering what’s true and what’s not. This was a great Wonder Woman issue, imo. I’ll give it a A+


(Review by BadassBro)

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