Wonder Woman Rebirth #3



Oh Boy, I’m so excited to talk about this issue. SPOLIERS! SPOILERS! If you’re a big Wonder Woman fan and if you are a big fan of her villains read at your own risk I guess. Ok let’s start.

OK, so the big spoiler is the on the cover. This is the first issue where Cheetah aka Barbara Ann Minerva is introduced.  I read this issue like 3 times before collecting my final thought’s. On my first read, I didn’t like the look of cheetah at all. I expected something close to the new 52 version of Cheetah. But the more I read the issue the more I came to like her look. Plus there is a whole issue explaining the back story of Cheetah.  Anyway, one weird choice was how she talked. Like, she would extend some words like “PRRETTY PRRRRINCESS” But some words she would just say normally.

I didnt really understand that. I have to praise the art once again. I loved this panel that you’re seeing on the right. It was very beautiful. Also on the art thing, Liam Sharp did an amazing job at making everyone seem older. Steve looked much older. Even his teammates looked older. Diana looked older also. I also loved when Cheetah went berserker and Wonder Woman had to calm her down and Cheetah started crying  and they had that sweet loving moment. My heart started to hurt. This was a very exciting issue. I loved Cheetah and Wonder Woman’s relationship. I’m going to be very excited when Wonder Woman and Steve meet again. And I’m interested when Cheetah turns back into Barbara.


(Review by BadassBro)

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