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Hey again comic geeks. Welcome back to the second Wonder Woman Rebirth review. So the first Issue I gave like a  A+. I gave it a 8.5 in the number grade. Basically, it was a really good Wonder Woman issue. Well, Was Wonder Woman Rebirth #2 good. Well here are my thoughts.

So this issue is mainly about Steve’s journey and how he gets on Themyscira. We also get more back story on Diana which is always Wonderful(wink wink)  Wonder Woman  has a Amazonian girlfriend which is fantastic. There’s not much to this issue. It’s basically recapping how Steve gets on Themyscira. I liked when we saw the lasso of truth on that Statue.  Another great point is the artwork, It’s so good. Nicole and Romulo did an amazing job. By the way, Nicole Scott and Romulo Fajardo JR are the ones who illustrated this issue.  I felt so sad when Steve’s friend Nick died in the plane crash on Themyscira. Props to Greg Rucka who was the writer of this issue.  In just a few panel, he made me care about Nick, Steve, Diana’s girlfriend, and Hippolyta. ‘m sure most people didn’t connect to those characters that well but I did. I’ll give this issue a B+


(Review by BadassBro)

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