The Walking Dead #172



The Walking Dead #172This review contains spoilers for The Walking Dead, so please close it now if you don’t want it spoiled.

If Beta kills Jesus, I will be so pissed.

The issue picks up where I hoped it would, where the last issue left off. We follow part of the gang that set off to find the people Eugene was talking to over the radio. Along the way in issue 171, they meet a new character who goes by “Princess”. We still don’t see much of her backstory, but we see her in action today when they kill zombies. I don’t know if I trust her or not, but I really like her personality and she seems like a great comedic relief to the serious tone of most characters. Most characters are intense in this series. Some have even gone crazy. Princess claims that she’s been alone for a while, but she just seems too happy and silly for me to believe that. I feel she is possibly carrying some type of secret, but nothing huge. I don’t think she’s evil… Just that maybe she had to do certain things to survive. Not that anyone would care though, the group is guilty of doing just that.

I feel Magna and Yumiko might be slightly forced, I just don’t get authentic vibes from them being a couple. I always liked Carl being with Lydia since she first appeared, and I like that they’re getting a bit closer. I don’t know how much Lydia can be trusted, but I think her dialog is hit or miss, I think that’s on purpose. Carl is very malleable , being thrown into the apocalypse at such a young age. He’ll believe most of what people tell him, just as long as he likes them or they seem like nice people, because he never got that outside experience in the real world. I think she could be just using him, but as for what exactly, I can’t totally say.

The best part is the very last page. Jesus is looking over his boyfriend, and we see Beta sneak up from behind with two big knives. Jesus is probably my favorite character, and Rick’s group needs all the firepower they can get with the loss of so many characters that were skilled in combat. Jesus is a great fighter, losing him would annoy. Robert Kirkman is ruthless though, and I as a fellow writer can see why. I like the unpredictability. I like how no one is safe… And if Jesus dies, then it’s just good storytelling.

Overall, this issue got me excited for the next, but I feel there was a bit of filler in here between everything, and there wasn’t much going on between the filler.


(Review by NasserRabadi13)

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