The Gingerdead Man Meets Evil Bong #3



How is Ging ganja get out of this one?

Now Gingy is human he’s even more of a douche than before, he’s gone full yuppie.
Shouting on his Bluetooth and acting like he is he most important person in the world. He even pushes a defenceless old lady into the road because she was in his way.

But when Eebee sucks him back to kandyland he isn’t a match for the new and improved IronBong. Destroying his human form doesn’t stop him though as it was just a mechanical suit, the real Gingerdead man was controlling it from the chest, now as his former self he attacks the wizard, but before Eebee can finish him off he forces the wizard to grant him one more wish, this time sending him back to real work and making him fifty feet tall. Before the wizard dies he manages one more wish and turns IronBong into MechaBong with Lana in the chest piece for some reason.

Now Eebee and Lana must face him in a gigantic battle in the city that will end… well exactly how you think it will, but you’ll enjoy the hell out of anyway.

This mini series, like the last has been a blast. Watching a cookie do the cutting is so much fun.
Puns galore and even more gore, what more could you ask for. All this and the voice of Gary Busey in your head as you read it, fun times.

Fun art, silly but enjoyable story from a team with one goal, entertain and they succeed completely.

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  • Fun
  • Art
  • Evil Cookie


  • Only 3 issues


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I've been collecting comics since I was 13. A comic shop near where I lived was closing down and selling all their back issues for 25p. My cousin and I had a look around. I had £5 and spent it all on Wonder Woman comics. For the next decade I picked up a few more here and there but nothing serious until I spent the day in the centre of London and saw half a dozen comic book stores. It didn't take long after that to complete the whole 226 issue run. While collecting Wonder Woman comics, several more titles peeked my interest including Supergirl and Young Justice by Peter David which to this day have been my all time favourite comic runs. Now I'm almost 8,000 comics deep into my obsession and have been lucky enough to review comics for the past couple of years and now have my own site to share my passion.

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