The Flash Season 4 Episode 5



The Flash Season 4Girls Night Out.

It’s party time for the soon to be Bride and Groom as Barry and the boys hit a strip club with a familiar dancer, while Iris and the girls have a lovely dinner where Felicity mistakes an evil Meta for a male stripper.

Felicity arrives for Iris’s bachelorette party, joining Caitlin and Cecil for a nice sit down dinner at a fancy restaurant when a meta Caitlin worked with while away shows up and attacks the group.

Luckily Killer Frost shows up and saves the day by knocking the snake eyed meta through a window, he is working for a meta known as Amunet Black aka ‘Blacksmith’ that wants  KillerFrost back as her muscle. Amunet has the ability to manipulate metal into a gauntlet with projectiles and a pretty awesome shield. When Killer Frost try’s to face her alone to save Caitlin’s friends, the girls team up to stop Amunet and her thugs all without the Flash.

This was a great show of the power of feminism, which you do get beaten over head with as #Feminism is said far too many times. It does show off how bad ass Caitlin/Killer Frost is and with Killer Frost finally realising that she and Caitlin are two halves of the same person they seemingly become United as one being. Now hopefully she can drop the killer and just be Frost.

Barry, Joe, Harry and Cisco are joined by Ralph for a bachelor party at a strip club. Cisco mixes up a little concoction for Barry so he can feel a little tipsy for his night out. One problem, it’s a little too strong and Barry gets completely wasted.

The best line of the whole show as a drunk Barry, sat next to Joe does a little shake and says ‘zuzz’ as Joe to turns to him and says ‘what?’ Barry says he went to to bar and got some pretzels, Joe, straight faced says you didn’t move to which Barry replied or did I. This actually made me belly laugh, it was a great joke.

As the next dancer hits the stage it turns out to be Cecil’s daughter, Joe is mortified but agrees not to tell her mother. When Ralph steals tips from a stripper a bar fight ensues and the lads are jailed, all bar Harry who arrives at the jail to bail them out.

These parts were more fun, silly and stupid but still fun. This is however a totally Flash free episode, not once did Barry suit up, had this been a better episode, or well written it wouldn’t have been so noticeable, however this was neither and the inclusion of a Flash fight scene was sorely missed.

Overall it was a very blah episode, it didn’t add much apart from the (hopeful) conclusion to the Killer Frost story line.
Another episode that can be skipped on a re-watch.

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