The Flash Annual #1 (2016)



The Flash Annual #1 The Flash War Prelude starts here and opens the doors to new potential.  This issue is centered around Wally West, the third man to take on the Flash mantle. A lot of it focuses on the after-effects of his sudden disappearance from the timeline and people’s memories. Only a select few, who held a strong connection will be able to remember Wally. It’s a story about ‘moving forward’ which sure, has been done to death with the Flash particularly, but it generates pure excitement.

This entire issue was fan service for those who grew up with Wally as the Flash. The biggest positive was the dialogue constructed by Joshua Williamson. Even though there is some drama thrown in there for good measure it isn’t the focal draw, it’s the character interactions.

Reading the conservations alone makes one conscious of the rich history of these people. Yes, we sadly do run into some bumps along the road, for instance, the transition from dialogue to action in Keystone City. An obligatory fight meant to fill in the predilection of your average superhero reader.

Another thing of note is the impressive pace that often or not comic book writers fail at by either stuffing in as much into a single issue, or keeping limitations in progress in order to stretch certain threads into a full story arc. It especially envokes aspiration, given the usual infamous reputation of preludes to major story arcs that tend to throw in too much information at the reader. This is a counterfeit to imitate the feeling of a grandiose status that this annual manages to stay away from.

Then I must mention the last scene in the comic that is jaw-dropping. The disclosure was well worth the wait, expected yet truly getting the gears going. The ending not only is a great reveal but also forces the reader to wait for what is to come.

The Flash Annual #1 isn’t just a simple prelude to an ambitious story arc. It is a story about a man trying to find his way in a world that might never remember him. Although some of its themes may feel a little redundant, it compensates for it by honest dialogue with a strong focus on characters, their history, and the fine pace.

Doesn’t hurt the issue is also a love letter to longtime readers. May the rest of this story arc be as enthralling.


(Review by Toadster)

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  • Reward for long time readers
  • Prolific dialogue
  • Well-paced
  • Stirring reveal


  • Repeated themes
  • Jarring action transition


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