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Supergirl Season 3Damage.

When everyone sees Lena as just another Luthor, Kara only sees a friend.

Children all around the city are coming down with lead poisoning and the only answer is that the machine Lena used to save the planet from the Daxamites is responsible.

Morgan Edge takes center stage to blame Lena and accuse her of living up to Luthor name, going as far as saying not even Lex poisoned children. Feeling defeated Lena stays with Sam and Ruby.

Kara once again sees someone she cares about in pain and with all her amazing abilities is unable to help, until she and Sam find a pattern in the locations of all the children when they fell ill. Tracking the start of the outbreak back to a local swimming pool where Morgan has tainted the chlorine.

When Lena learns this she heads to face off against Edge, going full Luthor, Lena pulls a gun and is ready to kill Edge for hurting children just to get to her for buying CatCo, but is struck from behind and knocked unconscious.

Waking on a plane with barrels full of the same poison used in the pool and heading for the reservoir Lena try’s to stop the barrels from falling from the plane, Supergirl arrives in time and try’s to stop the plane from crashing, in an amazing scene Kara hold the plane up from inside, this is something I’ve not seen before, it looked fantastic. Unfortunately the plane isn’t strong enough and Kara’s force tears it in two, with Lena in one half and the poison in the other Kara can only stop one half from falling to earth. Lena pleas with Supergirl to let her fall and save the poison. Showing how good and selfless she truly is.

Kara tells Lena she will never let her go and encourages her to climb up the broken plane and reach her. At the last moment Kara asks is Lena trusts her and if she does she will jump from the plane and trust that Supergirl will catch her. Without hesitation Lena leaps from the wreckage and grabs Supergirls hand.

With Lena and the poison now safe on the ground Kara heads to Edge to tell him she knows what he did. Edge doesn’t even try to hide it knowing without proof there is nothing Kara can do and being a good guy there is nothing she is willing to do. I wanted Kara to grab his hand and shatter the glass he’s holding and the bones and tell him she isn’t her cousin, if it saves lives she will cross the line. Not meaning it but showing a little force isn’t a bad thing.

Meanwhile Alex and Maggie spend one last day together as they go their separate ways. With Alex wanting a child and Maggie refusing to even consider it they have no choice. I’m so sad for Alex yet at the same time I was never a fan of Maggie, the whole relationship was on her terms, it felt like Alex was always walking on eggshells around her in case she said something Maggie didn’t like and would storm off. I hope Alex finds someone who deserves her. Fingers crossed we don’t see Alex cry for a while, my heart can’t take anymore.

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