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Supergirl takes on one of her toughest challenge when she has to face her own fear as she faces off against a psychic meta human known as Psy who can force you live your worst fears. For Kara this is her last moments on Krypton, seeing her mother for the last time and floating through space completely alone, at least that is what she thinks she is living. She realises that the fear she feels isn’t for herself but for the fate of Mon-El, she believes she sent him to death, sentenced him to float through space to die alone. When Alex tells her she actually saved him and didn’t kill him Kara is finally able to face Psy without her powers working on her.

Lena arrives at CatCo with plans of being a hands on owner, Jimmy is not happy as he thinks she wants to replace him. Lena as Kara have trouble separating their friendship from their new professional relationship. It’s a shame Kara doesn’t tell Lena she is Supergirl as i truly believe she wouldn’t tell anyone, i see it going the way of Smallville did when Clark and Lex were best friends before all the lying drove them apart.

J’onn gets a psychic message from M’gann and needs J’onn to come to Mars.

The young mother and daughter from last week are named as Samantha and Ruby Arias. Convinced her mother has super powers after she lifted a massive beam off of her,  Ruby puts her self in harms way to force her mother to use her powers and save her. Luckily Supergirl arrives in time to save her. Samantha arrives at CatCo to meet Lena so she can take over L-Corp so Lena can focus on CatCo. Meeting Kara for the first I was expecting some visions or some kind of recognition from Samantha but we get a friendly meeting which looks set to make the two friends before eventual rivals.

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