Star Trek: The Next Generation – Mirror Broken #5



Star Trek: Mirror Broken 5Here we are with what I think is the penultimate issue of the Mirror Broken series. I say this because the schedule of release for the comics appears to to have been replaced with a memo reading ‘It’ll be ready when its ready’. That, and in the final panel of the issue are the words ‘To be continued?’ (note the question mark replacing the exclamation mark).

For me, this has been my least favourite instalment, which is odd because it’s the one that has been most like the TNG we all know.

With the exception of Worf, the entire crew is on duty. There is a space battle against the Cardassian/Klingon Alliance with a Gul Danar (who has more than a passing resemblance to Deep Space Nine’s Gul Dukat). And there are lots of interior scenes with discussion among the crew. But for me it felt like the story was lacking – Even though there is a lot going on.

I wonder if because Its been 2 months since issue 4 was released and I’m at the point that I’m actually losing interest. Perhaps IDW are feeling the same way and ending with ‘To be continued?’ to keep their options open. This way they can either cancel the final issue or release it (probably in 2 or so months). Do you feel the same way? Let me know in the comments below.

This issue begins right where we left off with the Enterprise, Stargazer, Arnold and Horatio surrounded by Cardassian/Klingon Alliance ships. Picard and his counterparts on the other empire vessels are clearly outnumbered and after a brief battle, its clear that a quick withdrawal is necessary. This action is cut with scenes of a crazed Guinan rushing to the bridge to speak with the Captain.

But instead of some classic Guinan insight or revelation, she simply points out that Picard and his ego will get them killed. Hardly worth the build up and a little disappointing that more hasn’t been done with this version of her. Knowing that Guinan has some kind of sixth sense, it would have been interesting to know the reason she became so unhinged.

Star Trek: TNG MB 5Guinan, Interrupted. No pearls of wisdom from this mirror El-Aurian


After briefly acknowledging Guinan’s importance to his life while giving her the brush off, Picard and his crew devise a tactic that will increase their chances when taking on the approaching Cardassian/Klingon fleet. This includes sending Riker out in the Captain’s yacht to run interference while the Enterprise performs a series of Picard Manoeuvres’ (not the uniform tug).

Thanks to this surprise attack, the Enterprise sends the Cardassian/Klingon ships fleeing, leaving Picard to make a decision about his future with the Empire.

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  • The Picard Manoeuvre
  • Wesley looking more like Wesley


  • Guinan underused


Cover - 7
Art - 8
Story - 5
Reviewed by
I have a confession. I'm not a comic book fan. I do however live a comic book life vicariously through Shane. When I first met Shane I referred to his 'Magazine' collection. I haven't made that mistake since. Like many others I enjoy comic related films and TV shows. My main interests are more technology based including design and development. I'm also a huge Star Trek fan.

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