Sonic the Hedgehog #2



Sonic the Hedgehog #2When Sonic runs into his friend Amy, he continues to battle against the Badniks enemies. I wasn’t overly excited when I initially saw what the cover for issue two looked like. Similarly to the cover of part 1, Sonic holds up the same amount of fingers as the issue number. I gave the first part a positive score, however, I was expecting the same experience with this one which would have been repetitive. It put me in a position where I wasn’t excited to even open it, but I worked through my emotions. Boy, am I glad I did.

Let’s start with the art. I wondered how the team would manage the weekly schedule and their answer was to provide art that is both, better than last issue’s, and in truth amazing to look at! Previously, we had Tracy Yardley doing the pencils while here, Adam Bryce Thomas does that, the colors and the inks. The highly smoothed out art resembles an anime-like style which leaves a feeling of accomplishment when looking at it. Some of the scenes really let you sink in with it. Needed detail and values which both were lacking in the previous installment. Its rich offerings are able to make up for its less consistent panels.

For example, action scenes are composed thoughtfully. Another form of accomplishment you get from it is how well the dynamic of Sonic and Amy blends well with their move set and dialogue. A new major plus for this series, which I’ve come to notice, is the better characterizations. The personalities of Sonic, Tails and now Amy aren’t cartoonishly cranked up to eleven. The so often overused archetypes and abundantly annoying outbursts of behavior are no longer the series’ selling point.

Sonic the Hedgehog #2

There’s a lot of good back and forth between Amy and Sonic, however, the Blue Hedgehog’s sudden 180 in his particular feelings for her are a bit unexpected. Given, it was one line, yet it did pull me out. Another minor flaw was the basicness of the issue. It kind of echoed too similar of a line that the first issue trod.

Sonic the Hedgehog #2 proves art in comic books can make a major difference. A great artist forms a working space that puts fewer limits on the execution of the writer. The agreement between the sharp, dynamic dialogue and the visuals prove even comics with a more basic story can be worth your time. Looking forward to what the next issue has to bring.


(Review by Toadster)

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  • Art coincides with the writing
  • Gorgeous visually
  • Exciting action


  • Similar issue story structure


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