Son of Hitler



Can the Sins of the father be forgiven by the Son?

Let’s start off with this awesomely gritty cover, who wouldn’t want to chock the life out of Adolf Hitler with their bare hands? The look on his face makes this both disturbing and satisfying to look at.

They may be Spies but this far from a Game.

When three Nazi turncoats give British intelligence a dossier on who they believe is Hitlers son. Cora Brown sets out to find him and tun him into her very own “Trojan Horse” to finally kill Hitler.

I have to admit I’m not really a fan of the spy genre in general, its a always a little too slow and dull for my liking, this however is neither.

The idea grabbed me right off the bat, as with Damian, the son of Lucifer, you have to ask the age old question of nature over nurture.
Will the son of Hitler be merely a younger version of the vicious dictator or can he brake free from the family name?

At almost 200 pages I wasn’t too keen to start as I thought it was going to be a bit of a slog to get through. However the story flowed so fluidly that, what felt like a blink of the eye I was done. I remember looking down at my tablet to begin and when I finished I looked up and it was an hour later.

The pacing doesn’t slow, even in the flashbacks your attention is kept with either brutal action, character development or actual suspense. I found myself caring for these characters as if I’d been reading their adventures for years. I want them to not only win but survive and that’s the highest praise i can bestow. The writer did an amazing job at not only recreating an historical world but blending it with his new and somewhat surprisingly deep environment.

The Choice of single colour art pairs beautifully with the era and story being told. It feels as though you’re watching a movie from the early 50’s with all the detail standing centre stage and not hidden behind bright colours. The art style itself is well done and the faces show all the emotion each character is feeling.

From the title and the first few pages you believe you know exactly how the book will end and while its ending is somewhat what you’re expecting there are a few extra surprises thrown in for good measure.

The ending felt earned, it felt as though it was truly thought out and not just put in as a way to end the story. Not only does it keep with the motivations of the characters it completes their character arcs perfectly and you feel like each has done what they should have and absolutely would have.

This was a book I enjoyed far more than I was expecting and when a book does that I feel it’s done a job far more impressing than a book I already love delivering an enjoyable issue.

I’m not saying this has changed my mind on spy stories altogether, however if any come out like this in the future I won’t be so quick to dismiss them.

Do you agree with my review, or think I couldn’t be more wrong?

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