Shadowman #1



An all-new jumping-on-point for the mystic Valiant Universe hero. At least that’s what it would have been in a world where the company was to utilize the perfect opportunity. Instead, it’s a story that mainly continues the threads from the previous Shadowman story arcs which to begin with are tough to track down. Allow me to help out: a story about Jack Boniface, the wielder of the strange loa connected to the Deadside, a hub for the dead. After being trapped in a body with no full control over himself by his archenemy, Master Darque, he randomly returns to his regular state. There. Now you’re caught up.

In no way, shape or form does the issue feel like a drag. Truth be told, it would have been recommended if the pace slowed down a bit as it gets lost in the action. In place of the recreation of a stereotypical clunky opening action scene intended to get the reader interested, it would have worked more to its credit if it took a route which explains the loa and the characters providing the run with a proper beginning. One thing I can say with confidence is the clear and appreciated attempt to set-up certain concepts to flesh them out later down the road. Sadly, one of the biggest flaws in the history of Shadowman comics remains and that is its monotone characters. I’m ready for heroes with personality who can be distinguished by more than just their powers.

Shadowman #1 continues the hero’s curse of wasted potential. Yes, the series did just start however, I’m sensing a lot of similarities between the current and previous runs when it comes to writing approach-wise. Hopefully, I’m wrong. Reading the first issue, I can say they’ll take Jack into his most exciting standalone direction yet, even if the bar isn’t set high. Maybe Shadowman was never meant to be the main character, after all?


(Review by Toadster)

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  • Seeds of set-up


  • Basic characters
  • Messy story flow


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