Legends of Tomorrow Season 3 Episode 3



Legends of Tomorrow Season 3Zari.

The legends travel to 2041 to save an A.R.G.U.S prisoner from Kuasa the water powered meta human assassin as Amaya try’s to gain back control of her Totem.

When the legends find Kuasa’s target they discover she is Zari Tomaz aka Isis, although i’m sure they won’t be calling her that in the show for obvious reasons, having a Muslim character named Isis is a but of a no-no right now. With her own Totem to control the winds, Zari is joined in a mystical way to Amaya and her Totem, we see the first signs of this as she actives it for the first time and it causes Amaya’s to glow uncontrollably.

Sara plays a deadly game of time ship chicken with Agent Ava Sharpe when the Time Bureau once again show up to take over the Legends mission. Could the Time Bureau be the beginning name for could later be called the Time Masters?

Nate try’s to help Amaya with her Totem by having the pair take a drug to cause a dream state to get some answers. This gets very old and unfunny very quickly with Nate acting like all three of the stooges.

From one character the show can do without (Nate) to another, Ray Palmer dressing as a pirate to “blend in” at a dive bar was just plain stupid, the writers that believe this is funny need to buy a copy of “a dummies guide to jokes” They keep making him the joke of most scenes which is a shame because he’s not only a great character but also a great actor. But as he is right now I’d prefer he weren’t in the show.

When Amaya faces off against Kuasa she trusts in her Totem and bests the water witch. We get an interesting interaction between the two with Kuasa saying to Amaya “I could kill you, but I’d be killing myself” could this mean she is Amaya’s Daughter and mother to the vixen we’ve seen in Arrow?

With the exception of Nate and Ray and the under use of Stein the rest of the cast did a great job, Gideon even had some great lines from calling Ava a “bitch” to realising they were being followed and saying “bollox” which is a word people in the U.K will appreciate more than those in the U.S.

This is the best episode so far this season, if you ignore the stupid parts by a couple of the team members this is what the show should be. It feels as though the DC shows were told to be lighter and they took this mean childishly silly. These are prime time shows not early morning Saturday kids shows. The darker more serious parts of the show are the parts that work the best.

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