The Flash Season 4 Episode 3



The Flash Season 4Luck be a Lady.

Flash continues to be more slapstick than serious with marbles and even quarters besting the scarlet speedster.

When bumbling bimbo Becky is struck with dark matter from Barry returning from the speed force she is given the ability to jinx those around her… No she isn’t Jinx the DC character we know, Becky is named ‘Hazard’ by Cisco. Using her new found power to rob a bank, get revenge on her ex and to win big at the casino she used to work for. When Barry tries to stop her he is stopped by slipping on several items in what I’m sure we’re meant to be comical ways but came across as stupid and unrealistic. The marbles, maybe. The Quarters, that seems unlikely.

Wally is looking forward to seeing Jessie when Harry arrives from Earth 2 in her place to deliver a ‘breakup cube’ which again I assume was played for laughs but came across mean and unfeeling. When the gang save the city without realising Wally was nowhere to be seen, he decides to leave Central City to find his own way. A fair well that seemed lackluster and rushed for a main member of the team. Everyone seemed too ok with him leaving and it wasn’t as heartfelt as the writers no doubt had planned it to be.

Big news for Joe and Cecil as she reveals she is pregnant. Initially shocked he quickly becomes ecstatic at the news. Not sure why they’re bringing a baby into the show that isn’t Barry and Iris’s but maybe that’s something the writers don’t want to dump on the main characters. Let’s hope the series survives after the introduction of a baby and it doesn’t end like so many other shows have over the years.

This wasn’t the best episode of the show, it wasn’t even the best episode of the season. In fact I would have to say this was the worst and could easily be skipped as it adds very little to over arching story.

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