E.I Earth Invasion #1



These Bugs plan on ruining more than just your picnic.

It’s all out war as humans face off against the onslaught of an alien invasion, now almost a year later help arrives from an unluckily ally.

A team of soilders come across a cluster of the insect aliens and manages to capture one that looks differant from the rest, once back at H.Q they discover the alien they captured is Very eager to tell them his story.

The invaders are actually more like pirates and do not have the blessing of their law enforcers and abducted his to force hi to help them.

Armed with their new ally the humans now look like they stand a chance again the enemy. Could the tides finally be about to turn? We’ll have to check issue 2 to find out.

Don’t be fooled by the rather phallic looking spaceships, these guys mean business. Unlike many human v alien stories though in this book human weapons do and can kill the aliens with minimal effort, making the fight a lot farer and more enjoyable to read.

The art is done well, some panels come across a little too busy while others are very simple looking. Overall the art i ok, my personal preference would be a little more shading and tone but it does the job.

The story flowed well, a little jumpy in places but it did a great job at telling the back story of the aliens for a first issue, knowing why they’re doing what they’re doing is normally something that is held from the reader for so long you lose interest, but here we’re told and thats a nice touch. The humans trusting the alien captive so quickly was a little off putting for me, i know they needed to move the story along, but maybe a montage page of him being imprisoned and giving information that helps the humans over time. It’s a small gripe which is quickly overlooked when he invents something to make a dog talk.

Talking dogs and alien bugs, what more could you want.

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