Dry County #2



Dry County #2Picking up from where we last left off, Lou finds himself in a difficult situation when he finds out the ex-boyfriend of his new girlfriend might reek some havoc. Does it hold up as well as the premier issue?

The short answer is yes. This doesn’t mean the issues are executed similarly though. Last time the focus was on the introduction to the tone, themes, and characters of the created world. Here, Tommaso takes the reader right into action and suspense without sacrificing much else in return. The pace continues to move at an exciting, steady rate allowing for a quick, yet rewarding progression.

One major character decision did make little to no sense as it could’ve easily helped Lou out. A moment which existed only to serve the writer’s benefits of having a more layered conflict. It was rather lazy with no good explanation provided. On the bright side of the subject matter, the ending leaves many of its threads unanswered. This in no way feels like a cheap exploitation of keeping the reader on for the next issue. The way in which the story presents itself is evident to that of our lives, but by adding minor tweaks it turns certain aspects on their heads. The final destination might end up feeling familiar, however,  the journey through it is what makes it so divergent from the norm.

Tommaso continues to prove he is in full control of the medium. The choice to treat each issue as part of one cohesive book while still making them stand on their own is its exemplification. Another characteristic semblance of this series is its colors. Without them, the art would dwindle in identity while the impressive amount of detail integrated into every panel proves even the simplest of art styles lead to wonders.

There is so much more to expect. Imagination to tell nuance stories in a monotonous world is the real show of talent. Another showcase of the understanding of the medium makes me glad this series is just getting started.


(Review by Toadster)


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  • Pacing
  • Issue stands on its own
  • Satisfactory questions


  • Illogical character decisions


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