DemiGod #1



Half God, full Douche.

If you like your protagonists as unlikeable as possible then this is the book for you, as a bonus the nice people at IDW will throw in how NOT to portray women with them being either victimised or sexualised.

From the cover I had high hopes… I had hopes… ok I gave it a go. However from page one we’re introduced to an egomaniacal, sexist lug-head that insists on speaking to the reader (Deadpool he is not) boasting about himself and gearing up to tell us his origin.

Quickly we’re given a very generic origin for Jason, which sees him as a normal guy which for some reason equals ‘Loser’ in this tale. Jason likes a girl who is in an abusive relationship and gets beaten up by her boyfriend after trying to protect her. The fight is broke when Cerberus attacks, Jason grabs a baseball bat once owned by Babe Ruth, the bat becomes the mace of Hercules and melts into Jason’s skin transforming him into the mighty DemiGod.

We’re then told by the Man himself to come back next issue (no, thank you though, but no) to find out what happens next.

For an issue one it had what you’d expect, it has a simple origin and story and honestly it’s a little boring but it does the job of introducing you to this world.

The art is serviceable, nice colours with some really good action panels.

If the character isn’t made more relatable or at the very least less annoying this title isn’t going to last long or make a very good impact.

Who needs a likeable hero when you can have DemiGod, he’s got the looks, he’s got the muscles but by gum is he missing a brain.

This book misses the mark harder than it misses the point.

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  • Decent Art


  • Unlikeable Main Character
  • Generic Origin
  • Poor Female Portrayal


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I've been collecting comics since I was 13. A comic shop near where I lived was closing down and selling all their back issues for 25p. My cousin and I had a look around. I had £5 and spent it all on Wonder Woman comics. For the next decade I picked up a few more here and there but nothing serious until I spent the day in the centre of London and saw half a dozen comic book stores. It didn't take long after that to complete the whole 226 issue run. While collecting Wonder Woman comics, several more titles peeked my interest including Supergirl and Young Justice by Peter David which to this day have been my all time favourite comic runs. Now I'm almost 8,000 comics deep into my obsession and have been lucky enough to review comics for the past couple of years and now have my own site to share my passion.


  1. Looks like a terrible comic.

    • Looks can be deceiving, although not this time lol.


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