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The Bat of Gotham


Hey guys and girls, Brodie here i used my screen name previously ‘kylo’ on my MAN OF STEEL review. But now have decided to use my real name on here.

This time around i am going to review the amazing Frank Millar’s work with the dark knight, in his follow up comic to the Dark knight returns, and the dark knight strikes again. This is my first comic review so i apologise in advance if i make mistakes ;).

Dark Knight 3 : The Master Race – #1

I hope you enjoy.


Issue #1 starts off with a look at Bruce Waynes Batman suit on a pedastal, in a glass case, there is talking around gangster like, talking about the bat has been gone for 3 years, and that the bat is gone, but someone else can be the bat. But we don’t know who, i don’t know if the speech’s were made intentionally to confuse you, with how they are written.

Just on the first page it shows great artistry with colours and highlights that really capture the bat suit for what it is. Dark, ominous and in the shadows. We see a man running from the GCPD and the bubbles talking about him running away and being arrested waiting for the shot, to take him down, but instead he heard a snap, and a crash. Turning only to see the Batman taking out the GCPD pointing the gun at him.

He takes photos of the knight. Pastes it all over social media, the media cuts talk about different situations and are placed over a beautifully drawn Gotham City during a Sunrise. They are talking about the cops having guns and pointing it at an unarmed civilian what would you have done, and it also being a shocking image of Batman attacking the police officers, it shows that to some, this Batman is an outsider to most. While everyone else is being called a hero. They don’t like the fact that Batman can just willy nilly pop back in when he feels like it.

Commissioner Yindel is great as a supporting character next to Commissioner Gordon. In one of the scenes it shows how the media can make up words and say someone said it, then everyone would believe it. Once the word fake words got out on the news about Yindel taking Vigilantism seriously but only with a grain of salt. Every media out put jumped at the moment to surround her and ask her about her comments on the return of the batman.


“He would say through lips split and swollen, the fear is my bread and butter”

Just to say the story is very well written in strong sentences.

I love the artwork when wonder woman is brought to the pages saving the moment she takes out that beast to save the primitives from their death, she runs from the shadows, with her young baby son on her back.

She speaks of what they learned over the years what they had been taught “we are the light in the dark, the shield from death, the hope in catastophe, when they are threatened we are there, and they name us saviours, until they call us threats, you taught us to be that way”.

The writing is so strong and deep about teaching lessons, what life has taught you, being around everyone, being loved by some and feared by others. We see wonder woman with her son killing these beasts to keep her home safe for her kids, i love the character Lara, i also like how they name the young baby boy Jonathan obviously after Superman Krypton mother, and his earth Father. It was a good throw back.


Seeing Lara for the first time with the symbolic S on her back was great. The character has a real amazonian strong warrior look to which i love. But her eyes and hair being crystal blue colour was great, her arc is a great story on it’s own. She is trying to find out where she is, as to being a piece of the part that defined the whole, or being the whole.

then seeing superman on a icy throne, and Lara asking why did he let them throw him from the sky’s, as i see it why did he let them bring him down with all his power, she wants to help him, thats when a bigger story, I believe comes into it as we see her hear a noise and go to it. Then seeing a minimized glass case with a city inside. Most likely thanks to braniac, screaming for help.

I love what they are doing with the character Lara and seeing her makes me more curious to see where it all goes.


Commisioner Yindel is sitting amongst the rooftops of the GCPD wondering ‘why he would come back to this, and that he shouldn’t have come back’. the artwork is just remarkable, to the vision of Frank Millars grittiness of his portrayal of the Dark Knight.

The GCPD are in pursuit of the Bat. Every little scene you see in the boxes really captures batman, just a shadow with pearly white eyes that stare down at you. He jumps down and fights them off, brutally punching their face, blood splatter everywhere, some people when reading would think ‘thats not what batman does’. The police get the advantage and start hitting him with their night sticks (pun intended).

The following panels are just phenomenal and brutal, Batman surrounded by cops laying on the floor bleeding out. One of the cops is about to question something before he gets punched in the nose. The batman takes out the remaining cops, soaked in the blood of the GCPD he gets told to freeze, by Commissioner Yindel, he tries to put up a struggle before losing to Yindel.

Yindel holding batman in cuffs asks the question “where is Bruce wayne?” then its revealed to be Carrie Kelly. The robin from the dark knight returns was running around dressed as the Bat. I thought that was a great reveal and it took me by surprise. For them to end on the scene of Yindel holding the beaten and bloodied Carrie Kelly, and the beaten cops all bloodied, then her answer being “BRUCE WAYNE IS DEAD” was brilliant. Making you want to know more.

To me i think everyone who worked on this story did a fantastic job at following on from the dark knight returns. An alternate darker more mature batman story. I for one love Frank Millars work, i think he is a fantastic writer and i will continue to support DC comics and what they give us, i thoroughly enjoyed this issue and i look forward to doing more. I hope you enjoyed my review and if you haven’t come across this story i would recommend you do.


Thank you, sincerely Brodie Whitburn

(Review by KyloKent)


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  • Great story
  • Great mystery
  • Good interesting sub plots
  • Amazing artwork by everyone


  • Speech queues at beginning can be confusing


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