Beasts of Burden #1



No leash is going to hold these pups.

A team of magic powered dogs saving the day? Oh go on then why not.

In a world of taking animals that control magic a team is tasked with guarding all the animals in the woods from hunters, monsters and themselves.

Lead by Lundy as scotch terrier, the dogs work their magic to put out a Forrest woodland fire and stop an elemental salamander before discovers that hunters are using magic traps to capture creatures, while trying to uncover the identities of the culprits they are attacked by Lurkers (goblin looking creatures) making short work of them with their magic they discover that the Lurkers themselfs have been turned into traps by the hunters and must set out to stop them before they hurt any more animals.

This was a little bit of a surprise as i really didn’t know what to expect from a book about talking dogs but it’s actually very well written (it could be people in place of dogs and it would work just as well) each of the dogs has his or her own personality and power set and each gets a moment to shine.

The art is incredible with the emotions shown on the faces of each dog is done so well you almost forget they’re dogs.

The story itself grabs you right off the bat as Lundy races head first into a fire to stop the salamander before realising he is caught in a hunters trap and just scared. The action is well paced and the panels of magic show exactly what power each dog has at his or her disposal.

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