The Batman Adventures: Mad Love



Love triangles can be deadly, Harley loves the Joker and the Joker loves Batman and none will have their happy ending.

Mad Love

It’s Valentines Day, so I thought why not take a look back on the one of the greatest (most unhealthy) love stories in the DCU.

When the Jokers latest prank fails once again he falls into a slump and takes his frustration out on Harley.Mad Love

In an attempt to regain the affections of the Joker and cheer him up she sets out to kill Batman for him as she recalls how she first met Mr J and became Harley Quinn.

Mad Love

When her plan works perfectly and she has Batman trapped and ready to kill, Batman tells her that the Joker won’t be happy if he isn’t the one that kills him.Mad Love

Bringing the Joker to Her trap to surprise him with Batman’s defeat Harley expects gratitude and a lot of love for all her hard work. Instead the Joker is furious and throws her from a window.Mad Love

Without Harley to finish the plan Batman escapes and beats the Joker to a pulp, explaining that Harley Quinn is the only one that truly had him, he was a gonna and without the Joker would have died.

Mad LoveBack in Arkham Harley is beaten, bruised and down in the dumps until a rose from her Puddin arrives with a note “feel better soon. J” cheers her up.

This book has been on best seller lists and top ten countdowns for years and it’s easy to see why.

The dysfunctional and extremely complicated relationship between these two is shown in full force.
The sad and dangerous life Harley leads is laid bare here. We see exactly what a relationship shouldn’t be.

This book is often misunderstood as a love story. The truth is it’s a story about an abusive relationship, being in cartoon form might made it less graphic or obvious but it’s undeniable that Harley Quinn is a victim.

When people say they’re looking for “the Harley to my Joker” or “ I want a love like Harley and Joker” those people have no idea what the relationship truly is, these are not goals to aims for, they’re the guidelines to avoid and signs to looks out for.

This early on in Her comic book career Harley is little more than a side kick that is literally Kicked around by the Joker.
It will take another 6 years before Harley becomes her own person and stops being a victim. In her own series she realises, with the help of Poison Ivy that her obsession with the Joker and their relationship wasn’t healthy and she finally becomes a well rounded and stable (if a little crazy at times) person with her own mind.

Harley Quinn deserves love, just not with the Joker.

Read this book before you refer yourselves as ”in love as Harley and Joker”

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