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Batman #29

The war of Jokes and Riddles part 4.

The Joker and the Riddler both want the same thing, to kill the Batman, unfortunately they also both want to be the one to do it and will kill each other first to make sure they are the one that gets the pleasure and ultimate satisfaction of killing Batman.

With the war between two of Batman’s most deadly foes in full swing and Batman failing to stop it its up to Bruce Wayne to try and have a civilised dinner with the pair and decide once and for all who Batman should side with to save Gotham.

Since rebirth I’ve not been reading many Batman titles but once I saw this storyline I had to give it a go. This take takes place years back when Batman was still new to the cowl. It’s a story he is telling Selina so she can truly know what Bruce and Batman have done and will do to protect Gotham.

The pacing varies from issue to issue with last issue being a full on no holds barred fight between Deathstroke and Deadshot. This issue is slower but so well written that the lack of action isn’t noticed. The art is perfectly matched with the tone of the book, dark and more realistic.

Although this is not a jumping on point for readers I would have to recommend that you pick up the three previous issues or wait for the trade, whichever you choose this is a must read Batman story.

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I've been collecting comics since I was 13. A comic shop near where I lived was closing down and selling all their back issues for 25p. My cousin and I had a look around. I had £5 and spent it all on Wonder Woman comics. For the next decade I picked up a few more here and there but nothing serious until I spent the day in the centre of London and saw half a dozen comic book stores. It didn't take long after that to complete the whole 226 issue run. While collecting Wonder Woman comics, several more titles peeked my interest including Supergirl and Young Justice by Peter David which to this day have been my all time favourite comic runs. Now I'm almost 8,000 comics deep into my obsession and have been lucky enough to review comics for the past couple of years and now have my own site to share my passion.

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