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Arrow Season 6Tribute.

After the shocking revelation of last weeks episode, the F.B.I sends agent Samanda Watson who is intent on proving Oliver is the Green Arrow. When the agent wants to talk to William, Oliver goes into full dad mode and does everything he can to protect him.
When he discovers William is being picked on at school Oliver offers to teach him how to fight. Could Green Arrow be getting a new Red Arrow sidekick?

Anotoly arrives in Star City and abducts four business men and ransoms them back for $20.000.000. Thinking Anotoly leaked the unmasked photo of him to the press Oliver heads out to take him down, saving three of the men Team Arrow locate the final man who has been poisoned and has only hours to live. Antidote in hand the team finds him and Oliver saves the man with an arrow to the shoulder, annoyed he didn’t get his money Anotoly shoots the man in the back and tells Oliver he didn’t release that picture to the press as he still has some morals. Anotoly escapes leaving Oliver perplexed as to who did send that photo to the news station.

Diggle deals with his nerve damage and his inability to fire his weapon. In the field Dinah is almost killed when Diggle is unable to help her. Finally accepting he has no choice but to tell Oliver he shouldn’t be in the field for a while, Oliver jumps in first and asks Diggle to take over the Mantle of the Green Arrow as he now has to think about William and refuses to make him an orphan.

Facility and Curtis go into business together after they find out the picture of the unmasked Green Arrow was in fact photo shopped. Now with the proof sent to channel 52 news Oliver is once again cleared of being the emerald archer. Although agent Samanda Watson has no intention of letting this go and will stop at nothing to get to the truth.

Another good episode, there isn’t much here to complain about. Great action as always, we didn’t get new info on the mysterious man that saved Laurel last week, it’s easy to assume he was the one to send that picture to the news. Let’s hope it doesn’t drag out too long.

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