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Action Comics #993 Booster ShotThe Booster Shot story has finally started and in case you don’t remember or don’t know what it’s about, Booster Shot is set after the events of the Oz Effect. Wanting to find out if Oz was really telling the truth, Superman uses Barry Allen’s cosmic treadmill to travel back in time to the moment Krypton exploded, and Booster Gold showing up for the first time in 2 years (as his last appearance in DC Universe was during the Convergence saga in which we saw him team up with his counterpart from the Pre-Flashpoint DC Universe), to prevent Superman from doing something that will screw the timeline.

The comic starts with Booster Gold finding out he arrived too late as Superman has already gone into the timestream, while Booster faces Barry, who arrives thinking that Booster is trying to use the treadmill. Superman arrives at the moment in which Krypton is about to explode, however something happens and Superman sees himself in a very much alive Krypton. Meanwhile in Metropolis, Perry tells Lois that her father, General Samuel Lane, was captured during a mission in Logamba and as there won’t be anyone going to rescue him, Lois assumes the task.

Sure, it’s not the best Superman comic ever, but this issue of Action Comics was very enjoyable. Reading the comic with Dan Jurgen’s art is great because at least for those who are 20+ years older, it takes you back to the 1990’s Superman era.

But back to the story itself. It was a very interesting easter egg that Jurgens put in one of the panels which mirrors Superboy Prime’s actions in Infinite Crisis. Again, for those who don’t know and don’t remember, 2006 Infinite Crisis was a saga that was a sequel to the 1985 Crisis on Infinite Earths, responsible for the first reboot in the DC Universe which gave birth the the Post-Crisis DC Universe.

In this saga, Superboy Prime punched the wall of reality, altering several events in DC Universe’s history (like many Silver Age Superman aspects being brought to the Post-Crisis continuity). The panel of Superboy Prime punching reality is kinda repeated here, but here it’s Superman in the middle of a “fractured wall” that shows him an alternate reality for his life. Translating: He screwed up the timeline – really bad. One of these changes can already be seen here, even by the Man of Steel himself: Jor-El and Zod are allies.

Another interesting aspect of the story is how Jurgens explores Booster, after all he is the man who created him. New readers will have the basic summary of Booster Shot, which in his words “the greatest hero you never heard off”. Booster is in the present not only to prevent Superman from screwing up the timeline, which we already know is too late, but to assure people know who he is.

It’s going be a joy to see Jurgens explore the dynamic between a man who uses his power because he wants to do the right thing, and a man who uses the power he has to achieve personal success, but mainly because Booster will be Superman’s only hope as he is now powerless.


(Review by Lord Fand Angus)

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