Did Tony Create an Infinity Gem in Iron Man 2?

So here I am again debunking a fanfiction. Apparently, since the trailer of Infinity War has been released a scene has left many fans asking questions. And we know more questions means more fan theories. I don’t debunk fan theories generally because it’s their right to do. But the one I am going to discuss here has left the stages of being a mere fan-fic anymore. The theory suggesting that Tony Stark has an Infinity Gem has become click-bait for many websites creating a false illusion for fans.

What’s the theory?

The theory is actually a bit old. It’s from Avengers (2012) era but has got a boost recently. And the thing that started it is the scene from the Infinity War trailer. The scene here looks like everything (including Strange, Wong and Banner ) have stopped moving except Tony. It looks like the time itself has stopped but Tony is able to defy it.

The fan speculation suggests that during the time of Iron Man 2, Tony had to create a new element to power his arc reactor. He couldn’t use the traditional Palladium metal since the continuous neutron bombardment resulted in releasing poisonous substances. It is theorized that Tony mistakenly created an Infinity Gem during his discovery of a new metal and hence he now posses its power.

What supports it?

In the scene from the trailer, there’s no doubt that everything and everybody looks awfully still except Tony. It definitely seems like some powerful entity has stopped time but it had no effect on Tony.

In Avengers (2012) Loki tried to mind-control Tony during the final act, but to everybody’s surprise his sceptre didn’t work on him. The sceptre touched the Arc reactor and then went off (kinda). The fans suggest that it was because of the power of the Infinity Gem inside the arc reactor that the sceptre failed to work on him. Also in the beginning of the Avengers, Nick Fury and Erik Selvig used the same metal to activate the tesseract.


Although no matter how much these theories might sound appealing, in my opinion they are false.  Of course, I would like to believe that Tony is so intelligent that he somehow managed to synthesis an Infinity Gem in his basement but we have to apply logic here.

Why can’t Tony have the Infinity Gem?

Basically Infinity Gems in MCU were created by the powers of the six singularities of the universe that existed. That means the Infinity Gems existed before the existence of our Earth. It’s a cosmic substance with enormous powers and no matter how intelligent Tony is, he can’t create it.

The metal is actually named  BADASSIUM (yes exactly, you got it). Tony wanted a patent on it but got into legal issues. In the novelisation of the film it was said that the element Tony discovered was named Vibranium.

This also proves that the story tellers were in no mood of making it an Infinity Gem in the future instalments.

In Iron Man 3, Tony threw away his chest piece and now has an arc reactor in each of his suits basically to power them. So if Tony is still using that same element in the arc reactors, wouldn’t it be weird to have so many Infinity Gems?

The sceptre theory could be explained as the sceptre needed to touch the skin above the heart to control a person (and that’s why Loki didn’t try touching it on Tony’s other body parts) and since during Avengers Tony still had his chest piece it wasn’t possible for the sceptre to get a direct connection and hence it failed to perform.

The tesseract theory can be explained as Howard Stark studied really hard on the tesseract to create something similar for infinite, clean energy. After tesseract got lost in the sea, he worked to replicate the same and hence came to a prototype of an element which can create similar amounts of energy.  Since it could create enough energy it was used by Nick Fury to activate the tesseract.

The last segment which comprises the time theory is a bit tricky. Since we don’t know what’s actually happening in the scene it’s difficult to predict anything. But a thing that can be said is that a time defying gem has already been introduced in the MCU. So in my opinion another gem having similar powers wouldn’t make much sense. Therefore, I don’t  think that Tony’s movement had something to do with him having cosmic level power but there would be rather simpler explaination to that.

In conclusion, I don’t think that Tony discovered an Infinity Gem, and that its Badassium he created.

Tell me your views on this and if you find any other clickbait news trending do share it with us on Twitter @DawnOfComics and we will dig into it for you.

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  1. I have something you can go back and review. Check out that scene from 2012 when Tony Stark is in the process of making the new element.
    At the moment that he turns off the particle accelerator and the element is born listen closely to the sound or may I say voice. Has anyone else ever noticed or mentioned this before?


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