The Best of 2017

With it being a new year I thought we could have a look back on some of the best bits of 2017 in comics, TV, Movies and more.

To start with, here are a few of my favourite podcasts from last year which I’m sure I’ll enjoy just as much this year.

Worst Collection Ever’ is a comic based show hosted by husband and wife Shawn Marek and Jen Stansfield. The pair boast that they have, you guessed it, the worst collection ever. They enjoy their bargain comics, ranging from Superman’s Girlfriend Lois Lane to Santa the Barbarian. Making light of each comic and mocking almost every panel, the pair have as much fun recording the podcast as I do listening to it. It’s a highlight of my week.

Next up we have a more well known podcast. ‘The Weekly Planet’ hosted by James aka ‘Mr Sunday Movies’ and Nick Mason who take on everything comic related from news and gossip to best and worst lists. Nick is hilarious and takes every opportunity to make James laugh with his observations. I’ve not listened to a single episode that didn’t make me laugh out loud at least once.

Moving on to TV we have multiple platforms to choose from. Netflix has been a cornucopia for Marvel shows and the best this year by a landslide has been The Punisher. A comic show about an anti-hero like Castle wasn’t guaranteed to be a hit but once I started watching, it quickly became my favourite of all the Marvel shows on Netflix. The format felt more episodic than others such as Dare Devil and Jessica Jones which made the show flow in a way that didn’t need to be binged. I watched half the season one weekend and the other half a week later and it was easy to watch. Splitting shows like Jessica Jones and Iron Fist made it a little harder to follow. The Punisher was the best part of Dare Devil season two and once you see his own show you’ll see why. The character is someone you really feel for and root for. A must watch!

On TV, Marvel has just as many shows to choose from and for me the star of the year is The Gifted, a show set in the X-Men universe with a cast of younger mutants which is a great idea. We have new characters and some familiar faces that we saw not too long ago in X-Men: Days of Future Past like Warpath and Blink. The show revolves around a mutant underground that helps mutants escape the Sentinel Survices, a government organisation that hunts mutants who aren’t registered. It’s well written and the cast are all likeable , a fresh face for an old franchise.

Over in the DC lineup we also have some really great shows to choose from for best of the year, but I’m going to have to go with Supergirl and The Flash. Both of these shows have some very well written episodes, never being overly silly like Legends of Tomorrow or too dark like Arrow, Supergirl and The Flash keep a happy medium between comedy and heart felt moments. The cross over this year was some of, if not THE best comic show tv I’ve ever seen.

The movie universe has had some great additions this year. Marvel have had a lot more than DC but the best have been Spider-Man Homecoming, which I didn’t hold out much hope for as I’d lost a fare bit of interest in Spider-Man thanks to the Amazing Spider-Man 2, but I was pleasantly surprised with this film. I like the actor and his portrayal, and the action scenes (although at times seeming a little rehashy of previous films), was great. The next one that deserves to be in this list is Logan which came out rather early in the year so some might think it was from 2016 but it was actually 2017 that saw the best instalment of the wolverine series to date.

DC had two movies out this year. The obvious stand out was Wonder Woman which, as a life long Wonder Woman fan couldn’t have come sooner for me. I loved every moment of it and I cannot wait for the sequel.

Justice League had its problems and critics slammed it, but as a fan it was fun, action packed and gave us a team we’ve been waiting to see on the big screen for years. If you take it for what it is it’s a great film and a fun time. Listening to critics is no way to choose which movies to watch. Give it a chance be you’ll be surprised at how much fun you’ll actually have.

In comics we’ve seen some specials this year from all publishers, but for me some of the best have been the in the regular titles rather than the universe shattering crossovers or epic events. One of these was Batman issues 25-32. The War of Jokes and Riddles sees Bruce recant the story of a war that split Gothams super villains, having them choose sides between the Joker and the Riddler as a war over who gets to kill Batman almost destroys Gotham. This was an extremely good story that shows a rivalry between two of Batman’s deadliest foes.

I didn’t want to make my second choice another Batman story but Batman White Knight has been a surprise favourite of mine. Set in a somewhat Bruce Timm universe the Joker recovers from his mental illness and makes it his mission to bring Batman to justice for all the damage he’s caused and all the people he has hurt while chasing not only the Joker but also other villains. 2017 saw the first three issues and this year we will get the rest – I’m looking forward to it.

Moving away from the big two, some smaller titles that have stood out this year have been one of my all time favourites since it started. ‘I Hate Fairyland’ by Skottie Young is hilariously dark and gorgeously illustrated. A seven year old girl is transported to a magical land and sent on a journey to locate a key to get home. That was thirty years ago and now she’s had enough. Being trapped in a child’s body and unable to locate the key she is willing (and able) to kill everyone and everything standing between her and home.

I’ve also been enjoying Mighty Morphin Power Rangers and didn’t think I could enjoy it any more – that is until Saban’s Go Go Power Rangers started. It’s as well written and as beautifully illustrated as Mighty Morphing Power Rangers with one major difference… no Tommy Oliver. I’ve never been a fan of the Green or White Ranger and I put up with him because I enjoy the comic, but with Go Go Power Rangers I don’t have to. It’s set just a few weeks after the rangers first appearance and stars the original five rangers that made me love the show. If you can check out both titles.

So these have been some of my more memorable favourites of the last year. I’m sure I’ve missed a lot as there are so many amazing titles out there. Get in touch and tell us what some of your favourites from 2017 are and let us know what to watch out for in 2018.

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I've been collecting comics since I was 13. A comic shop near where I lived was closing down and selling all their back issues for 25p. My cousin and I had a look around. I had £5 and spent it all on Wonder Woman comics. For the next decade I picked up a few more here and there but nothing serious until I spent the day in the centre of London and saw half a dozen comic book stores. It didn't take long after that to complete the whole 226 issue run. While collecting Wonder Woman comics, several more titles peeked my interest including Supergirl and Young Justice by Peter David which to this day have been my all time favourite comic runs. Now I'm almost 8,000 comics deep into my obsession and have been lucky enough to review comics for the past couple of years and now have my own site to share my passion.

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