Kevin Tsujihara is Not Going Anywhere

A few days ago while surfing through some of my favourite websites on the internet I stumbled upon some posts. These posts suggested that Kevin Tsujihara, the current CEO of Warner Bros. should quit from his post. The reason mentioned was the failure of Justice League at the Box Office. Some days later I found people writing articles that some insider told them that WB is indeed firing Tsujihara from office. That’s when I realised how seriously people have taken this hoax. And hence I decided to take it down myself.

No, Kevin Tsujihara is not leaving the post of CEO of Warner Bros as of now.

To start with WB is in between a deal with AT&T and hence there is no talk of changing their CEO now. As this is a comic book website I won’t bore you with the peculiarities of this deal. But WB is taking a few big steps with this deal and changing their CEO at this point isn’t even in their long-gone thoughts.

His contract doesn’t end in 2018 March.

I read some people mentioning that Kevin Tsujihara’s contract as the CEO ends the next year in March. Well, folks its a straight up lie. Executives generally don’t have a contract.  And if my calculations are right, in the diverse history of 100 years of Warner Bros. it has only seen 5 CEOs including Tsujihara. So his tenure isn’t ending any time now. The only thing that ends in March 2018 is the contract between RatPac Entertainment’s Brett Ratner and Warner Bros. Again I won’t be going into the details of this, but this is the hard truth.

Why aren’t they firing Tsujihara since WB had the worst year

This is yet another claim many made to convince you that WB will fire Kevin and again it’s a plain lie to your face.  WB didn’t have a horrible year at the box-office. The only film you’re thinking about is Justice League, but the truth is that 2017 has been an amazing year for WB. According to Box Office Mojo WB have grossed around $1.9 Billion so far this year and is at the top of studio Market Share percentage list with roughly 20.3% to its name. And now if the deal with AT&T goes well, this year’s Christmas for them will be merrier than ever.

But he is a bad guy, right?

I am so sorry, but actually, he isn’t the worst. Take Kevin Feige for example- time and again the directors at Marvel have reported how stressed they are working under the system. Every time, everywhere there is always a Marvel executive on the sets to supervise that the director doesn’t take movie even a bit off the paper. The directors are given a limited power over the decisions to keep the universe going and maintain its continuity. And sadly, that’s what WB’s Kevin tried to do. Yes, some may say that he failed badly, but the backslash from Batman v Superman and the positive reception of Wonder Woman somewhat justify his deeds. The Snyder fans who want the head of Tsujihara may be surprised to know that according to some recent reports it was Kevin’s decision to keep Snyder for Justice League after BvS.

So my advice to everyone is to stop hating WB and its people and wait until this all gets over with. Keep high hopes that they will learn from their mistakes and will not repeat them. The next DC films comes a year later and keeping a positive outlook is only what can save this Universe.

What are your views on this, do tell me in the comments. And if you encounter any other similar news which sounds like a hoax, do share it with us on Twitter @DawnOfComics ,


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