A New Generation of Heroines Come to Kickstarter

A New Generation of Heroines come to Kickstarter! A group of fresh new heroines are currently taking Kickstarter by storm, in the shape of Agent Wild,...[Read More]

The Robot Wars – Coming To Kickstarter Soon

Hot on the heels of their announcement that “The Judge Dredd & The Worlds of 2000 AD” Tabletop Adventure Game will be up on “Kickstarter” on Tuesd...[Read More]


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Judge Dredd & The Worlds of 2000 AD Tabletop Adventure Game

Wargaming devotees of either the weekly British science fiction anthology publication “2000 A.D.” or its most successful serial “Judge Dredd”, will ha...[Read More]

The Best of 2017

With it being a new year I thought we could have a look back on some of the best bits of 2017 in comics, TV, Movies and more. To start with, here are ...[Read More]

An Official Website to Support The Zack Snyder Cut of Justice League is Here!

Yes, it’s true. Fans of DCFU and Zack Snyder were really pissed from the moment Justice League hit the theatres. While some of them liked it, th...[Read More]

‘Victory’ for Zack Snyder’s Cut Petition – A False Alarm.

Well, if it wasn’t enough that media outlets and websites were torturing fans with their false news and clickbait articles, I’ve got anoth...[Read More]

Jon Hamm is NOT Stealing Batman Role from Affleck.

For quite some time I have kept my patience with the news of Ben Affleck leaving DCFU. I wrote a fan-fic about how they can do it with the Flashpoint ...[Read More]

Did Tony Create an Infinity Gem in Iron Man 2?

So here I am again debunking a fanfiction. Apparently, since the trailer of Infinity War has been released a scene has left many fans asking questions...[Read More]

Kevin Tsujihara is Not Going Anywhere

A few days ago while surfing through some of my favourite websites on the internet I stumbled upon some posts. These posts suggested that Kevin Tsujih...[Read More]

Supergerms in BvS and JL – A Nod to Sinestro?

An enthusiast fan re-watched Batman v Superman and Justice League more times than others and found a minute, yet important continuity occurrence in bo...[Read More]

SHAZAM! Director Debunks False News

I am constantly trying to pick false news spreading on internet and expose it so that it doesn’t affect any of the honest fans. And now it looks...[Read More]

Infinity War Trailer Release Date Fake?

A few hours ago, a user on Reddit posted a trailer track sheet of Avengers: The Infinity War saying that it would be released on 24th of November. The...[Read More]

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