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Welcome to Dawn of Comics – Honest reviews by comic book fans.

Shane and Leigh have very different hobbies. Shane is a devoted comic book reader and reviewer while Leigh has a passion for technology and development.
A combination of their interests has created Dawn of Comics.

Our international team of reviewers from all walks of life channel their passion for their hobby to provide you with honest, thoughtful reviews.

A website is useless without its visitors so a big thank you for visiting us! Please interact with us and share our reviews with your social circles.

Oh… One last thing!
We are all here for the love of comics so when discussing a review please remember that conveying your point and being polite are not mutually exclusive.
We encourage debate; Not argument.

Publisher? Comic Creator?

If you are a publisher or comic creator and would like Dawn of Comics to review your work, please email previews@dawnofcomics.com telling us a bit about yourself and your comic. We will make arrangements with you to send us a digital copy of your comic and assign the review to a member of our team.

Meet The Team


Founder and Chief Editor

I've been collecting comics since I was 13. A comic shop near where I lived was closing down and selling all their back issues for 25p. My cousin and I had a look around. I had £5 and spent it… Read More


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Creator and Designer

I have a confession. I'm not a comic book fan. I do however live a comic book life vicariously through Shane. When I first met Shane I referred to his 'Magazine' collection. I haven't made that mistake since. Like many… Read More


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Senior Reviewer

For the past forty or so years I have been collecting American comics… To begin with they were predominantly black and white British reprints of “Marvel Comics Group” titles such as “Spider-Man Comics Weekly”, “The Mighty World of Marvel” and… Read More


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I wasn't into comics and comicbook movies till 2008. Hell I did not read any comic till 2009. My first real encounter with this mysterious and fascinating world of Superheroes was with the world wide acclaimed movie – The Dark… Read More


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I'm a reviewer with Dawn of Comics, online reviews by comic book fans.


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